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February 27, 2008 by carebear07
Okay....so I decided to come back to ju around a year ago after being gone for about two years.

I have no clue why. I'm just sitting at my boyfriend's house right now at two in the morning....extremely bored. He's currently in the kitchen on his laptop playing online poker with his friend Josh. I guess I came here to write because I can't find anything else to do on my myspace or facebook. lol.

So anyways....I'm in college now. Fun, fun. But I am also currently unemployed, which sucks. If ...
April 1, 2007 by carebear07
This weekend has been busy!

My mom left for the weekend for a bowling tournament three hours away from here. So that leaves myself, my two younger brothers, and my dad here. My dad is always busy and hardly home to watch after us, so that leaves me in charge for the weekend.

Friday went great! I got to go to a baseball game as well as a track meet at the school and hang out with all of my marvolous friends. Yesterday was okay. My brothers and I went to my grandmas house and watched movies,...
March 30, 2007 by carebear07
Okay so I'm just going to say that I absolutely hate some people's parents! Specifically my most recent ex-boyfriend's dad.

So here's the gist:

My ex-boyfriend [Cody], his family is basically rich. His dad owns the town gas station and his mom and step-dad own a whole bunch of pizza shops in town. Well his dad takes the whole, "I own the only gas staion in town and I'm rich so I'm better than you and know more." thing too the extreme. Cody and I have been broken up for seven months now, an...
March 27, 2007 by carebear07
So good old College English IV class with Mrs. Conkel.

At the moment we are talking about Shakespear and currently reading Hamlet and a few of the "love" sonnets that he wrote.

Most of Shakespeare's sonnets are about the topice of love. But I'm guessing most of you already knew that. But did you know that he wasn't writing them to his wife? Yes, he was writing them about a mysterious "Dark Lady". Nobody know who she was, but they know of Shakespeare supposive rendezvous [sp?] with some lad...
March 27, 2007 by carebear07
Wow...it's been almost two years since I've been on this thingy! I'm just sitting in the computer lab for senior skills class being bored as usual and something came to mind.


So I would like to start by saying things have changed....a lot since I have last been on here. Mainly with myself I guess. I think it's safe to say that I have finally grown up and turned into a woman. haha. It's senior year and only a little less than a month and a half left and it is going by too quick! A...
August 29, 2005 by carebear07
I wanna get to know you
Like no one knows you
Gonna reach way down deep in your mind

I wanna hear your secrets
Wanna share your worries
Wanna go the deepest
Don't wanna hurry

I wanna take a lifetime to memorize your face
Wanna hold you close
Hear your heartbeat
Stronger and stronger

Every feel of your fingers
Every curl of your hair
Don't wanna miss a minute

Wanna know your emotions
Wanna taste every tear
Wanna hear you breathe
I wanna get to know you that good.

June 23, 2005 by carebear07
It seems that my church just can't get enough of anything lately. And it also seems that they're pissed off at just about every member of the church. I guess when I say they, I really mean the pastor. I guess you could say he's still new to our church. It'll be about a year this comming July since he first came to our church. And personally I really don't like him. I don't know he's just really creepy. And plus you all know what they say about Catholic pastors. lol.

Anyways.....my pastor wa...
May 31, 2005 by carebear07
It's only about ten minutes into second period, and already everything feels so different. I'm just sitting here all alone in the band room. No corny Brandon laugh, and no Dairic trying to kick me off the computer. Our little circle infront of Mrs. Blackstone's room was so small even though only two people were missing from it. And already it's Shaun's turn to take care of Sarah and I. He's doing okay so far. But that's not to say he's going to be perfect at it. His job officially started Sunday...
May 21, 2005 by carebear07
I just want to say thanks for all those evil looks
You've gone and caught all my emotions with a hook
Yeah you're "good looking"
But you're shit stinks too.

Thanks for calling me fat
Now I know where my self esteem is at
No it hasn't gone out the window
Just up another notch in the row.

I know you think I'm ugly
Thanks for all that you do
You expect me to run around with my head in a knot
But yeah, your shit stinks too.

I can't help you with yourself
You've already made that ...
May 11, 2005 by carebear07
Okay, first off I would like to know why so many people have a problem with black people. Why? The only difference is the skin color.

I absolutly hate it when someone makes fun of another person just because they're not white. They're all people just like you and me. And I hate it when people say the word "nigger". I can't stand it.

My family actually has black in it's history. And I'm sad to say that my uncle has it in for black people even though we've had black people in our family. W...
April 28, 2005 by carebear07
I don't know why I do things sometimes,
I ask myself why
If only I didn't make anyone cry.

Of course sometimes I get agrivated,
But doesn't every human?
I'm not something perfect.

And maybe nothing is real
As I go on day by day imagining
What life would be like if only things were different.

I just don't enjoy knowing that someone is probably mad
Or that someone I care about is moping around sad.
But I guess life can't be what we always want.

So we just have to get by
We hav...
April 22, 2005 by carebear07
Communicating......sometimes it's just so hard to do. It's so hard to find the right words to say to people. I just want to know why it can't be an easy thing. Is it because you don't want to hurt someone by saying something? Or maybe you're just not sure they'll understand you in the way you want them to.

I guess my question is how do you make communicating with other people better? Are there things you can do? I just wish that I could find the right words to say during that awkward silence...
April 18, 2005 by carebear07
Stupid......what does that word mean to you. This is what it means according to the dictionary:

1. Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.
2. Tending to make poor decisions or careless mistakes.
3. Marked by a lack of intelligence or care; foolish or careless: a stupid mistake.
4. Dazed, stunned, or stupefied.
5. Pointless; worthless: a stupid job.

But what one so happens to think is that the definition of stupid is everybody in the world except for her. And it drives me r...
April 14, 2005 by carebear07
Well I'm happy to say that it's been exactly one year today since I"ve been a registered member on Joeuser. To be honest, I really didn't think I'd last long. But even today it's still addicting to me, especially when I have nothing to do.

A lot has gone on since last year. At first I started out on here not knowing anything. I think people though I was a joke or something. lol. Then if I'm right my whole idea was humor. Then other started joing from my school. So my articles kind of changed...
April 13, 2005 by carebear07
Teachers.....we like half of them, we dislike the other half, and some of them we just hate. I could think of a lot of teachers at my school that we all hate or dispise of.

I've never been an LD or special needs kid since I've been in school. So I really don't know what it's like first hand. I've had a couple of friends that were in those classes through out the years, but it really wasn't because they needed the help. It was more along the lines of they didn't do their work so they got F's ...