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Published on March 23, 2005 By carebear07 In Blogging
Did you know that if you suck down a whole bunch of Slim Fast you'll get slim in no time! You get immediate results! It's so awesome.......yeah right!

I hate when you get emails like that. It's like helloooooo.....way to lower my self-confidence. Minus one more point on that scale. I guess that these people want to make me think that I'm fat or something. I mean I wouldn't consider myself skinny, or what ever it is that you might call it. But I'm not fat. At least....I don't think I am. It's like I get three different emails about losing weight or going on a diet everyday. Or people are wanting you to buy fitness machines of some sort. They probably don't even work. Or are only made for certain type of people. Like the ones that are already skinny! Jeeze.

You know how they have those commercials where they show some lady that is really skinny and then they show her two years ago weighing at like 400 pounds? I mean the ladies in the pictures don't even look the same. That's why I highly doubt that they are the same lady or man for that matter.

I know that a lot of people in the U.S. are obese. But they don't have to send a freaking diet thing or what ever it is that they send out when it's not even going to work just because it's a piece of shit that somebody wants to make thousands of dollars off of. I'm sure some diets and stuff work. But the ones they always advertise for never seem to. Why don't they just advertise the ones that do sell?

And maybe some people don't care how big they are. So it's not like they're going to want the emails and ads anyways.

This article reminds me of something quite humorous too. The other day Bobbi and stayed after school to go running to try (try being the key word) and get in condition instead of sitting on our lazy asses. Well we got really tired so we stopped by Alicia's house. Well we ended up staying for quite awhile. Alicia's mom had the channel on Oprah. The episode for that day was looking at people who used to be 400lbs and who lost enough weight to only make them weight like 130lbs. But then after losing all that weight their skin was all saggy and grodie. But the first woman on there had a big problem. Her boobs went all the way down her stomach. Alicia's mom said that they looked like they had been through an old ring washer, or what ever you call them. That was so funny. Then I forget who it was brought up that it looked like they had been through on of the machines when you make homemade noodles. That was even funnier. So now whenever I see noodles I always think of that lady and of course her boobs. It's sounds really grodie, but I can't help but laugh at the sight of noodles. On our walk back to the school, Bobbi and I made up a song. It kind of goes the the theme of 'do your ears hang low'. But you can only guess how our song goes. I guess I could share it. But then you might really think I'm a freak. But I'm going to share it anyways. Just because I love all of you so much, and I'm in a goofy mood. Enjoy!

Do your boobs hang down,
do they wobble all around?
Can you throw them over your shoulders,
can you make them touch the ground?
Can you roll 'em up like toilet paper
on a single roll?
Can you pat 'em like a pancake
and make 'em look cool?
Can you take your extra skin
and turn it into fat?
Do your boobs hang down....

So how was that? Hehehehehe! Could you see Bobbi and I as song writers? Oh my! That is such a scary thought. But hey maybe people would listen to our stuff. You never know.


on Mar 25, 2005
Most of the diets do not work. It is just a quick money maker for the companies. If the diets did work you would hear more of the same diet...ie.the atkins diet does not work. It is more of a money maker. The companies are smart I will give them that

what a weird song....
~Live Life to the Fullest~
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